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HGH Formulation

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HGH FORMULATION supplement by Powerzone Nutrition

Hgh Formulation is the Original Formula based on the scientific research conducted in Rome in the early 1980's which combines two key amino acids peptides in precise quantities to produce the most effective non-synthetic Hgh formula on the market. Powerzone Nutrition's HGH Formulation has been on the market for over 10 years and is one of the most popular products within the Powerzone range. It is base on purely natural ingredients that have been proven to assist with the natural release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the human body.

The importance of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is one of the key hormones proven to slow down the aging process and has been reported by many experts to be the true elixer of youth and longevity. HGH also enables your body to burn fat at a higher rate as well as increase and maintain lean muscle mass.

This product is a Natural Amino Acid based Product.

Unit size: 150gms powder
Serves per unit: 30
Serving Size: 5gms 
Recommended use: 5 gms (1 teaspoon) taken on an empty stomach prior to bed.

Ingredients: Arginine Pyroglumate, L Lysine, Sodium BiCarbonate, Citric Acid. 

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